Albert Bichot, an Old Burgundy House

I was in Burgundy last week and visited the cellars of a well-known name in the town of Beaune : Maison Albert Bichot.

Still a family business after six generations, Bichot is a “négociant-éleveur” : they own vines (around 250 acres), make wine and then market it themselves all over the world. They also buy grapes from other producers, convert them into wine, bottle it and then sell it.

Maison Bichot owns four different estates all over Burgundy : Château Long-Depaquit (region of Chablis), Domaine du Clos-Frantin (Nuits-Saint-Georges), Domaine du Pavillon (region of Pommard) and Domaine Adélie (region of Mercurey).

Each of these has its own equipment. Therefore, wines from each winery are made on-site.

Bichot is an old wine business (a pretty common fact in Burgundy). Back in 1831, Bernard Bichot established the company in the village of Monthélie, near Beaune (see map below).

Côte-de-Beaune, one of the 5 main areas in Burgundy ; photo credit :

In 1912, Albert Bichot (grandson of Bernard) moved the business to Beaune and gave his name to it. In the 30’s, his son travelled the world and expanded his business dramatically. In 1996, Albéric Bichot took over and became the current CEO.

I liked the respectful approach of the company toward the vines and soils.

Each estate has its own team devoted to vineyard work therefore ensuring intimate knowledge of each parcel of vines. Every year, Bichot’s teams replant approximately 2 to 3% of the vines, so that in the long term they are always in good health when they reach their optimal age.

Another interesting thing about Bichot is the beautiful cellars they own in the heart of Beaune. Built in the 16th century, they are impressive, dark and offer natural temperature and humidity for wine aging. Unfortunately (or fortunately), they are not open to the public.

Overall, Bichot makes quality wine with consistency. They own vines all over Burgundy, allowing them to have a large supply.

I tasted a good amount of their wines and something stood out to me directly. The use of oak barrels is calculated perfectly here. As a result, the wines are fruity and terroir-driven and I really appreciate that.

Please contact me for more details about their range of wine.