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Lifestyle in France : 3 Typical French Meals Paired with Fantastic Bottles

When you are French or travel in France, lunch and dinner are probably two of the most important moments of the day. Even though this tends to disappear in big cities, most families… Continue reading

Red Bordeaux, Vintage 2012 : What You Need to Know

  Two weeks ago, I attended a tasting of the 2012 Bordeaux wines in the beautiful Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami. A lot of prestigious châteaux were there, from all appellations, which gave a… Continue reading

A Summer of Wine : Proper Temperature of Service, Food Pairing, Some Old Bottles…

– Temperature : After multiple dinners, tastings and various events all summer long, I noticed how the weather really affects our attitude towards wine and drinking in general. During summertime, wine tends to… Continue reading

A Wonderful Overview of Burgundy Wines at Maison Chanson, Beaune

Thanks to Franck Fouratier, France sales director of Maison Chanson, I recently took part in a fantastic tasting at the château in Beaune. Burgundy is a fascinating area when it comes to wine. Maison… Continue reading

Limoux Part 2 : Tasting Review

There is no world class wine in Limoux. However, it is possible to find quality bottles at interesting prices. – Red wines are average for the most part. It seems like there is no real… Continue reading

Five Wines That I Recently Tasted

Within the last two years, I tried countless wines from every area in France. It is amazing to think that no matter where you go in the country, there will be vines of some… Continue reading

Bordeaux Primeurs 2013 part 3 : Last Results

The Médoc region was the most interesting one this year. I tasted some of the best red wines in Pauillac and Saint-Julien with more consistency than any other appellation. You will find some… Continue reading

Bordeaux Primeurs 2013 part 2 : Tasting Results

2013 is a very heterogeneous year in Bordeaux. The differences from bottle to bottle are sometimes very surprising during this year’s tastings. In a nutshell, sweet wines from Sauternes and Barsac are a great… Continue reading