The Effects of Oak Barrels on Wine

One of the most controversial topics among professionals of wine is the use of oak barrels and the taste that results from it. I was recently visiting a cooperage in Burgundy and I… Continue reading

Château Palmer, the Jewel of Margaux

Château Palmer is a (beautiful) winery located in Margaux, in the Médoc region next to Bordeaux. A third growth in the 1855 official classification, I consider Palmer, in terms of quality, a second growth. Certain… Continue reading

Cahors, the Hometown of Malbec

Cahors is a town in the southwest of France and one of the oldest wine-making region in the country. Yet, these highly historical vineyards almost completely disappeared after the phylloxera crisis (late 19th century) and… Continue reading

A Summer of Wine : Proper Temperature of Service, Food Pairing, Some Old Bottles…

– Temperature : After multiple dinners, tastings and various events all summer long, I noticed how the weather really affects our attitude towards wine and drinking in general. During summertime, wine tends to… Continue reading

Not Your Average Perspective of Saint-Emilion

In my past job as a wine broker, I was often in the Saint-Emilion area looking for Merlot wines. Contrary to what I often hear or read online, Merlot (and not Cabernet-Sauvignon) is the major… Continue reading

Limoux Part 2 : Tasting Review

There is no world class wine in Limoux. However, it is possible to find quality bottles at interesting prices. – Red wines are average for the most part. It seems like there is no real… Continue reading

Limoux is More Than What Most People Think : Part 1

Limoux is a little town in the western region of Languedoc, in Southern France. It is also the name of a wine appellation centered around the town, mainly known for its sparkling wine. Unfortunately,… Continue reading